Genshin Impact APK

Version v2.1.0_3981765_4073622
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Role playing
Languages English / Indonesian
Developer miHoYo Limited
98.07% (517 Ratings)



Genshin Impact Apk is an activity pretending game created and distributed by Chinese game developing company miHoYo. This game was officially released on September 28, 2020.

Genshin Impact apk was released for Microsoft Windows, Android, IOS, PlayStation 4, and in April 2021 it was officially made available for PlayStation 5 as well. It's an open-world game that happens in the anecdotal place where there is Teyvat.

You play as a voyager from a different universe searching for your lost twin. As you take on courageous missions, face perilous adversaries, and open interesting riddles, you'll saddle incredible components to assist you with beating every one of the difficulties you'll confront.

Genshin Impact Apk is fundamentally a solitary player game, however, you can collaborate with friends when you reach Adventure Rank 16, you can party along with up to 3 companions on explicit undertakings.

Genshin Impact Apk is free to download and play as well as this game is loved by the users as its user interface is really easy and comfortably manageable. Furthermore, its graphics and overall gaming quality experience will never irritate you. So, download Genshin Impact Apk now and enjoy its marvelous gaming experience.

Genshin Impact Apk Features

⦁ Explore Virtual World

Genshin Apk has an open world to be explored by the players. They can freely roam around anywhere over the top of the mountains and discover much more interesting things.

⦁ Attractive Visuals

The graphics and visuals of this game are mesmerizing. Everything object and scenery has been designed artistically and the chracters are realistically modified. Equal attention has been paid to the timely transitions of weather automatically.

⦁ Be The Master Of Elements

Make use of the seven elements you will find in Apk Genshin and let their power fly. The Hydro, Anemo, Electro, Dendro, Geo, Pyro, and Cryo all possess a special power and when combined can do wonders. Combine them efficiently and make them work in your favor.

⦁ Peaceful Background Music

The background sound is a composition of London Philharmonic Orchestra. It is soothing and the rhythm keeps on changing with the events occuring in the game.

⦁ Lead Your Team

Build a powerful team against your enemies. Players will get an option to choose from any group of characters each having unique capabilities and powers. Get them together in your team and lead them to defeat your rivals.

⦁ Play With Friends

Involve your friends and gain more power to defeath destructive troops. Invite them for the game and earn more rewards in Apk Genshin.

Download Genshin Impact Apk

⦁ Allow your device to accept this app from an unknown site if asked.
⦁ Use the link given on this website to download Genshin Apk.
⦁ Save the downloaded Apk Genshin in to any folder.

Install Genshin Impact Apk

⦁ Go to the settings and switch on the unknown source option.
⦁ Download Genshin Impact Apk from this website.
⦁ Store the downloaded Genshin Apk in file manager.
⦁ Install the Genshin Apk app completely.


Gneshin Apk is a action packed game with an interesting story-line and gameplay. You being the player are on a venture in Teyvat to find your lost twin. There are places, objects, and action to explore on this journey. Combine the elements and make their powers help you or call your friends and fight together with the enemies. The graphics of genshin Apk are even more attractive and one would surely get addicted with it soon. One can download Genshin Apk on Android, PC, and laptops too.


Q. How to download Genshin Impact Apk for PC?

Follow the instructions mentioned below to get Apk Genshin for PC.
⦁ Download an Android emulator preferably Bluestacks.
⦁ Open the emulator after it has been downloaded completely.
⦁ Find playstore on the homescreen of Bluestacks.
⦁ Browse the Genshin Apk game and install it.
⦁ Find the game in the list of installed applications and open the game to play.

Q. Is Genshin Impact Apk an offline game?

Genshin Apk is not an offline game. The players need to have an internet connectivity throughout while playing it otherwise they will be returned to the main menu.


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