Winx Butterflix Adventure

Version v1.4.21
Android Version Android 4.4
Category Role playing
Languages English / Russian
Developer Tsumanga Studios Ltd
97.91% (526 Ratings)



Winx: Butterflix Adventures is a great and popular adventure game available on android platform. It is optimized for all android device with low resolution. The gameplay is so great because it is a role playing game. It was first launched for PlayStation console back in 2004 and now it is available on android platform with more improved version.

There are 6 different Winx character in the game. Choose any of your favorite character and start your 3D adventure in the world of magic. Become fashionable in the game and customize your character with tons of great outfits. It has a college for fairies in beautiful world. It is greatly optimized for android platform to give better gaming experience.

It has great and stunning 3D graphics with incredible special effects. Visual effects and detailing of the game make it even more enjoyable and interesting. Search for mysterious keys in the game which will help you to unlock the gates of mysteries. Discover the hidden treasures and there are new rooms in this game. Find and collect 150 trading cards in the game as well.

The controls are very easy, simple and responsive. Transform your Winx into Butterflix and battle with different bosses. Defeat your enemies and use powerful spells. Attract new students in college and share your population to make high score in the world of game. Solve puzzles and discover hidden places in the game.

Collect and wear amazing outfits. Get unique outfits from season 7 and wear them. There are so many great puzzles available to solve. Solve these puzzles and get rewards. 360-degree view control to make the game more interesting and enhance the user experience. Search and explore new rooms and find hidden objects in the game.


Q. Can I download this game from official store of android?

Google play store is the official store of android and you can download this game from there. This game is available and you will have to buy this game if you want to download and install it.

Q. How can I download this game for free?

You can easily download this game for free in the form of Apk. Download the Apk file from our official website and install it this game in your device completely free.

Q. What is the size of this game?

The size of this game is 120 MB and it will expand after installing. Clean up some space in your device to avoid any problem.


Winx Butterflix AdventureWinx Butterflix AdventureWinx Butterflix AdventureWinx Butterflix AdventureWinx Butterflix Adventure