Fate/Grand Order APK

Version v2.14.0
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Role playing
Languages English / Indonesian
Developer Aniplex Inc.
98.67% (525 Ratings)



Fate grand order apk is a Japanese game presented by Delightworks and powered by Unity engine. This game is based upon the turn- based gaming strategy where all the characters will not play simultaneously but they will have their turns to combat.

The format is further of the visual story-telling that makes it more interesting. According to the plot of this game the player will be taken aback to the Chaldea Security Organization.

It is through this flashback that the player will get to know about the jeopardy the world is going to face. You are going to be stakeholder of changing the fate of the human beings by going to the past and make things better. Fate grand order APK proceeds when you create an avatar and name it.

Since it would be keeping on telling you the story and it might not be good to skip them as that will lead you to make further decisions or in choosing the next strategy. Download fate grand order Apk to rule over hundreds of servants you can order to combat and save the world.

All of these servants a different quality so you will need to arrange them according to their qualities and strategies. The other benefit of Fate Grand Order APK is that it can be downloaded for free and it supports English to make it easier to play.You can now easily download apk fate grand order to have an undisturbed save gaming experience that you can enjoy on any device.


HD Graphics and Improvised Visuals.

Fate Grand Order APK provides high definition and detailed gaming. It has vibrant atmosphere with intricacy in the visual patterns.

Anime Animation.

This game would be attractive to the anime fans too. Since it is a Japanese game it has anime animations in terms of the characters of the game.

Heroic Spirits.

You have to address the hero spirits from the history and develop a bond with them to help you combat with the Noble Phantoms.

Special Events.

Discover new stories through different special events offered in Fate Grand Order APK.

Secret Codes.

Collect secret codes and allot the servants with these codes to increase their special abilities.

Free to download and play.

Fate grand order apk can easily be download for free and each of its aspects are available for free too.

Catchy Stories.

This game also provides an essence of story reading as it has got interesting stories for the players to enjoy and be a part of them.

Variety of Servants.

The players can choose and assemble the servants according to the special powers each of them possesses.


Click the downloading link on this website.

Grant allowance to this download from a third-party resource if asked.

Select any folder from your file manager to save this downloaded app.


Downloading this apk from the link provided by this website.

Choose any folder from your device to save the downloaded app into.

Install the downloaded and saved file.

Open the file, create your avatar and name it.

Now you are ready to combat.


Anime animations are already trending these days. Fate Grand Order APK does not only satiate the needs of anime lovers but it also has a historical and time travelling plot included in its gameplay.  The most appreciable aspect of this game is that it does not require any payments to download it neither does it require any root or in-app purchases.


Q. Can I play Fate Grand Order offline?

This game can only be played online. Hence, you need internet connectivity to play it.

Q. How to download Fate Grand Order apk on Pc?

Follow these steps to download Fate Grand Order APK for PC.
1. Download the Fate Grand Order apk from this link.
2. Install an Android Emulator.
3. Search the download and saved apk through emulator.
4. Install the app and launch it.
5. Create and name your avatar to proceed with the game.


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