Poke Saga Apk

Version v4.01.00
Android Version Android 5.0 And Up
Category Role playing
Languages English
Developer Jia polun
99.82% (564 Ratings)



Poke Saga apk is a game that revolves around different pets, their evolution, and their use in the battle to defeat your enemies in the game. This game is a real combo of knowledge, fiction, action and adventure.Hundreds of gaming categories with thousands of games in each category are available on the internet.

Pokémon series of games is one of these game categories that enjoyed great popularity and fame all around the world with its amazing gameplay and graphics. This game is a real combo of all popular pokemon series and gives you a feel of each version.

Poke Saga apk brings as many as 720 pets of different kinds from different versions of the Pokemon series. These pets are actually your game characters. You have to take the help of GPS tracking in this game to locate and find different kinds of pets.

Basic Theme and Gameplay

The basic story of the game revolves around the evolution of different pets. Initially, you have to find and locate one or more pets. Capture these pets with different creative capturing strategies. After capturing these pets, take care of them to build them stronger, cultivate them and let them evolve according to the environment.These pets go through different metamorphosis and evolution processes and evolve into giant heavyweights. There are 720 different pets. All these pets are different in appearance as well as skills and qualities. These pets evolve in four different ways. Every pet can go through evolution via any of these four evolution processes. Each evolution process brings different types of changes and attributes in the pets.

Once your pet is evolved into a heavyweight monster, just use it in the battle to wrap up all your enemies. Those enemies also include different monsters. But skills matter a lot and you can cope with stronger enemies with week pet but better-fighting skills and tact’s

Features of Poke Saga apk

This is a multi-feature game. Some of its compulsory to know features are listed in the article below.

Monsters in the Game

As I said earlier that this game is a combo of different versions of PokeMMO hence it touches all the versions to bring monsters of these famous versions for its players. So look carefully for your favorite monster as your game character, capture it smartly and brought it up to become a real monster which could help you to win the battle against the opponents.

Turn Pets into Monsters

This game offers different types of 720 pets.  Capture any of the pets you like. Cultivate this pet, and brought it up stronger so that it can evolve into a heavyweight monster.

Battle out Your Enemies

This is a battle of monsters and dangerous animals so you have to train yourself as well as your monster (the game character) very hard to tackle all the enemies to clinch the battle.

Combine the Skills

As I mentioned earlier in the article that each of the pets comes with a unique set of qualities which are further enhanced as the pet turns into a giant monster. But this game also allows you to combine skill sets of two or more characters by their coordination to make combo attacks to tackle your enemies in a better way.

Play with Friends

This game does not just allow you to capture, cultivate and evolve pet animals into monsters but also connects you with friends and other players all around the world. This game offers you a dual gameplay mode. You can play offline to sharpen your skills as well as can compete with your friends and players all across the globe to show your battling skills to them by clinching victories over them

Graphics of the Game

This game offers its players 3D graphics. Enjoy the battle of animated monsters with ultra-quality 3D graphics, amazing sound effects with realistic voices of horrible monsters and dangerous animals. Moreover, colorful 3D animes of enemies and monsters give a realistic touch to the battle experience.

Nature Restrictions

There are plenty of nature restrictions which make the gameplay more challenging and adventurous. You have to train yourself before the battle in these restricting environments. The natural restrictions one can face in the battle includes water, fire, electricity, earth quacks etc.

Pros & Cons

It is necessary to go through the advantages and disadvantages of each game or app before we download it. So let's put a glance at some of the advantages and drawbacks of the game.


  • 3D graphics
  • 720 monster characters to choose from.
  • Apk file remains in your device so that you can uninstall & reinstall it easily.
  • Completely free and safe.
  • Do not ask for any registration


  • Does not update automatically
  • Unauthorized third-party app and not present on play store.
  • Needs a strong internet and troubles with a weak connection
  • It May contain viruses and bugs

 Download & Install

As the app is not available on the play store you have to download the game from this page by clicking the provided download button on this page. The size of the file is moderate and won't take more than two minutes.After completing the download, open the main setting of your android device and allow the third-party app installation. Now open the download folder in your file manager and locate the apk file of this game. Open the file and set up the installation by clicking the install button.


Download Poke Saga Apk now and experience the ultimate gaming experience with ultra-quality 3D graphics. Capture, cultivate and brought up a variety of different pets to turn them into fighting monsters and conquer the battle against your enemies and opponent players with the help of these monster characters.


Q. Is this game supported on iPhones & iPads?

This, the game can only be played on android devices.

Q. Is Poke Saga available on Playstore?

No, it is not featured in Playstore but you can get this app from this page.


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