Internet Cafe Simulator Apk

Version v1.91
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Simulators
Languages English / Turkish
Developer Cheesecake Dev
97.18% (568 Ratings)



Internet Café Simulator is one of those games that require you to have an experience of a work. You will have to leave your home and get to set up an internet café. This simulation game requires your hard work to make the place workable enough to entertain your clients.

The gameplay includes your efforts to make a left out space useful for setting up several systems for people. Players are indulged in a full time job of maintaining and developing and advanced and equipped internet cafe. You have to keep upgrading the computers to provide better service to the customers.

There will be many type of clients coming to your café to get their requirements of games, jobs, or any other fulfilled. It depends upon you to serve them the best as per their demands and the purpose they have visited your café. Internet café simulator is played with first person’s perspective and it puts you in a situation where you are an owner of a cyber café.

The controls are convenient as you need to move rotate the phone to adjust the view and Communicate using the hand symbol. Earn more money by catering enough customers and can even purchase bitcoins in the game. After scoring and earning enough money you can also get more places to turn them into another branch of your café.

With so many pros at hand the game also has cons that are well taken care of by the APK version. Internet Café Simulator APK has more detailed graphics especially when downloaded on phone the result gets much better. Moreover, Internet Café simulator APK also has unlimited money and many other worth appreciable features for the convenience of players.


Limitless money to save you from being bankrupt.

Realistic HD graphics for smooth gaming.

New updates keep upgrading for advanced gaming.

Purchase more games to attract more clients.

Get famous and expand your business by renting out more places.

No root and license required to install this game.


Click on the download link to start the process of downloading.

Allow the device to let it be downloaded in it if asked.

Assign any folder of your device to save this file after downloading.


Grant permission to the device to accept the file by switching on the unknown source option.

Download the file using the link given to you by the website.

Save the file in any folder of your device.

Install Internet Café Simulator APK.

Open the app and get prepared for business.


Simulation games are always thought provoking and intriguing. Since they require player to be a part of game not just for entertainment but to learn something new these games bring the most out of player’s mind. Internet café simulator APK is one such app that asks for player’s determination to start a business and make it large through earning more money and by providing good service to the clients. It has got realistic visuals and 3d characters to make it more tangible.


Q. What is internet café simulator?

Internet café simulator is a realistic simulation game. It is based on the life of a character that is controlled by the players who has rented out an internet café and now his job is to look after it and make it more workable. This is basically about settling in a business and expanding it by upgrading the café to serve more customers.

Q. How to play Internet Café Simulator?

Playing internet café simulator is not a hard nut to crack. You just need to move the screen to move the view. The joystick is to move the objects. A hand symbol is to communicate and you can keep track of the customers who do not pay by looking at the amount of money.


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