Plague Inc Apk

Version v1.18.5
Android Version Android 4.1+
Category Simulators
Languages English / Russian
98.48% (526 Ratings)



Strategy games are real fun to play. People love games in which they have to create a strategy in order to win. Playing games can reduce stress because games are the best source of entertainment. There are some unique and amazing games available which are different from other games but deliver best gaming experience.

Plague Inc is a strategic game on android. The main objective in this game is to infect all the humanity with fatal virus and destroy the world in minimum time. Play this game and invent new virus to infect the humans. First you have to learn that how you can develop a virus. Find symptoms and pathogens to inject the global popular with a deadly virus. Discover symptoms and develop fatal virus. It is the main mission to destroy all the five continents of world with virus.

The game is entirely on menu interface where you can control the virus and get the report of your virus. The game has beautiful design and layout with simple controls. It is a free to play game. It has millions of players around the world. It is a challenging game where you need to be very accurate in your plan to create a virus. Virus should be fatal and non-curable. Get the health report of global population in game menu.

Below are the features of this game.

Highly Detailed World

The game delivers the best and highly detailed world with advanced AI feature. The game gives the proper report of virus outbreak. Each and every country is available in this game and you can target any country to spread your virus. Destroy the world with virus and infect the global population. You can create the virus and you can also save the world from this deadly virus by making precautions.

Different Disease Type

There are almost 12 different disease types available in this game. You can master all the disease type to inject the world with it. Create fatal virus from these diseases and find symptoms and pathogens. Each disease and virus has different strategy which you need to master in order to create a deadly virus. Each disease type is radically different from other and each has different strategy to master.

Load and Save Feature

The has Load and Save feature where you can save your game progress without losing anything. Save your game anytime and close the game without any issue. You can load your save state and start playing the game from where you left it. Create viruses and spread in the world to destroy all the countries.

Different Countries

This game features the highly detailed world and there are almost 50+ countries available destroy. Infect all these countries and vanish the population from world. There are hundreds of traits and thousands of world events to adopt. You can create a strategy to spread viruses through world events. Spread virus in crowded place and inject everyone in game. This game allows you to play as a villain and spread virus in the world. Check reports of your virus and implement changes.

Evolve the Virus

You can evolve the virus while world will be on alarming situation. Spread the germs and kill the economy of countries. Destroy the scientists before they find a cure of your virus. Make strategies to find the best solution to keep your virus alive in the world. DNA will appear on the map. You can collect the DNA and can evolve your viruses according to this. Improve virus contact and spread through different ways such as respiration, contact with animals. Improve the resistance of your pathogen in order to make it survive in unnatural environment.

Create New Virus

Pathogen can be divided into four types including Bacteria and parasite etc. Creating new pathogen or evolving them give different advantages and disadvantages. You will start the game with bacteria and you need to work hard if you want to evolve bacteria into virus and other types. Bacteria spreads rapidly so this is good option for beginners. Download this game and create your virus to defeat the world.


Q. What is the size of Plague Inc Apk?

The game covers 75 MB in device.


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