Efootball 2023 Apk

Version v7.3.0
Android Version https://file.apksim.com/games/efootball-apk-v7.3.0-apksim.com.apk
Category sport
Languages English
Developer KONAMI
98.67% (527 Ratings)




We have great news for all the football fans out there. If you are looking for a football game which you can play on your PC's and android phones then we have the best recommendation for you. You can download Efootball 2022 apk. It is one of the most incredible android games in which you will experience end level gameplay and graphics.

This game was developed by KONAMI. Free download size of this soccer game is very large which means that you need large storage in your device for this game. This game is actually 2.7 GB but there are also some downloads so you need at least 3 to 4 GB free in your smartphone.

What is meant by efootball 2022 apk

It is the world's most popular game on the internet. This game is available for all the android and IOS devices. It is a top rated game in which you will get all the international teams. You can play this game with your friends and the good thing is, there are no bots so you can play soccer with real time players. All the features are available in this game like you can customize your players and teams, change their outfits and also you can change the appearance of your player. The Download process of this game is very fast but make sure your internet speed is good.

What are the features of efootball 2022 apk

Highly detailed graphics

This game has highly detailed graphics. This game has 100M+ downloads and people love this game because of its intense graphics.

Team customisation

Customisation is a very cool feature of this game which allows you to customize your players. Players' looks are also customisable.

Play against your friends

There are many modes in this game, you can play multiplayer mode with your friends. In multiplayer mode, players can challenge each other and play career modes. You can also take part in different events with your friends.

Get updates

This game gets updated but it's not a game's update. But you will get the weekly updates of all the soccer teams. These updates will help you to know more about the soccer team's performance.

Various game modes

You will get addicted to this game when you will play the different game modes. You can participate in events, tournaments, different matches and also you can improve your skills in practice mode. In career mode, you can enjoy different matches with different teams.

Download for free

In this soccer game, some features are paid and these are the professional features. You need a good amount of money to purchase the premium version of this game. But the good news is players can download this game without any money because it is totally free.

What's new in efootball 2022 apk

Updated license

In this game, you will get the license of your players. The latest update brought new updates in which you will get a new license.

Improved gameplay

Gameplay of this game is highly detailed. The latest upgrade has made the game more realistic and interesting. Now you can enjoy more detailed face models.

More features

All the features of this game are commendable but to make the game more professional, new features have been added. Now you can enjoy more features in this game.

Why get efootball 2022 apk

Efootball 2022 apk is the best and the most demanding soccer game which is available to install on the play store. This game is completely free to download. You can play different events and tournaments in this game and earn money as a reward. Football fans love the environment and graphics of this game if you don't believe us then download this game right now and try!

Method of downloading efootball 2022 apk

First step is to search the apk version of this soccer game on Google. Then click on our website and download the latest version of Efootball 2022 apk via our link. The game file is large so be patient. And then you will install the file of this game.



In this game, you can not only play soccer with real players but you will also get the weekly live updates of your favorite soccer time. Isn't it amazing? It is a highly recommended game for all the football players around the world. So let's show your soccer skills to the world in Efootball 2022 apk.


Q. Can I make my own team in efootball 2022 apk?

Yes of course! You can choose your favourite players and make one undefeatable team. You can also choose your favorite coach.

Q. Can we play efootball 2022 apk without the internet?

No! If a user wants to play this game then he needs high speed internet all the time.


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