Golf Battle APK

Version v2.4.1
Android Version 5.1 and up
Category sport
Languages English
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Golf battle is an online multiplayer mini golf game. Perfect game for all the golf game lovers out there. You can compete with players all around the world and also compete with friends by connecting the game to your Facebook and adding up to 6 players at a time. Your objective is to be the first to get your golf ball into the last hole in each course.

You can also play with two modes; classic and rush. The classic mode is the simple game of hitting the ball into the hole with as less swings as possible. the Rush mode offers a higher tempo, prompting players to hit the ball quickly. It is all about the game! But to win every game in the fastest time, you must know more than that. You can Play on beautiful courses against golfers around the world in real-time online multiplayer matches. There are more than 40 golf fields to choose from.

As a player, you must know your power range for making shots and must capitalize on the game rules. Add your 5 other buddies from Facebook to play a 6 player golf saga together. Moreover, you can play and challenge your friends to a mini-golf match and win the match, and rise to the top of the leader board. Besides, you can find yourself in different game modes and heighten your gameplay experience, and even customize your balls to stay on track. That right! You can customize your golf balls as well as golf fields up to your interest and choices.

Features of Golf Battle Apk

Golf Battle is a multiplayer golf game, which offers several game modes, a simple and direct control system, and very nice graphics. In addition, you can play against both random Internet opponents, and against your friends. Some additional features that make this game amazing.

Customized Fields

There is a total of 40 fields with an option to customize fields according to your interest. Custom maps are considered one of the greatest contents that Golf Battle offers when it has many new things for players to design or create. The customizable map can be customized without any sort of customization instruction so you can get your map rejigged according to your will. You can enjoy the game environment with 3D elements to make your gameplay more interesting and the environment most useful for players. Some of the common fields that are used by professional players around the world are;

  • Pine forest
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Snow valley
  • Mayan jungle
  • Windy cliffs and many more!


The Game has the option of multiplayer. Play golf on the same course as your friends and watch them in real-time You can play 1v1 with your friend or you can connect your Facebook and can invite your friends to play altogether. Invite your buddies, show your golf expertise and prove yourself as a golf king. You can also show your friends your unique golf ball collection. Want to test your golf skills? You can also play with international golf players from around the world.

Very Engaging Gameplay

Control systems in Golf Battle are very simple: all you have to do is tap your screen and slide your fingertip backward to aim and swing. That’s the perfect way for adjusting power behind your shot and swinging on the ball. The lower the number of swings you need, the better. In the game, you will choose to play with 2 game modes, Classic and Rush.

If the classic mode is the traditional way of playing where the player hits the hole with as few shots as possible, the Rush mode gives you a higher tempo and pushes the player to hit the ball faster. But regardless of the mode, your job is to aim calmly and defeat the opponents with extraordinary skills. Players should try to grasp and remember the rules of the game and the range of power.

Graphics of the Game

The game has some pretty amazing and 3d view graphics. Each field has clear and detailed graphics Experience huge slides, big jumps, crazy looping, ice tubes, wild rivers, strong winds and other obstacles.

 The most outstanding feature of the game is its realistic and life-rich physics system in every detail. These factors induce the smooth action of your player to execute shots with perfection. The Graphics are pure 3d with great shots of the whole game.

Customizable Balls & Club

You can customize your golf balls by earning coins after winning each game. You can also unlock and join various golf clubs from around the world. You can dress up a golf ball with your unlocked customization. From irregular patterns to your country’s flags, there are so many colours and designs you should stand out from other players.

All Sort of Ads  Are Blocked

 The game has no popup ads in between the game, making the player concentrate on the game fully

Download & Installation

Click on the download button given on this page for easy download. Open The downloaded file and complete installation.


Download this game from Play Store now with following mentioned step.

  1. Open the play store
  2. Search “golf battle” and click on the first app
  3. Click install and download the amazing game
  4. Make your account
  5. Connect with your friends and play 1v1
  6. Can also play with international players from around the world


Golf Battle is a multiplayer mini golf game which offers several game modes, a simple and direct control system, and very nice graphics. In addition, you can play against both random Internet opponents, and your friends.

 From one game to the next, you can use the coins that you win to buy all kinds of items, like new golf clubs and golf balls. In Golf Battle there are over a dozen different balls and just as many golf clubs to unlock.


Q. Can you play golf battle on pc?

Yes! You can play golf battle on pc.

Q. What is the latest version of the golf battle?

The latest version of golf battle on android is 1.24.17 in android 5.1+


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