Real Cricket Apk

Version v5.4
Android Version
Category sport
Languages English
Developer Nautilus Mobile
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As its name suggests, the Real Cricket apk involves cricket gameplay. There is a complete and utterly incomparable cricket match that will take place, with elements guaranteed to compel you to fall in love with it. More specifically, the stadium is not simply a field with only opponents going head-to-head, but a stadium with commentators who are absolutely top-notch.

It is also possible that the angle of view of the camera is also changed in certain cases, similar to those seen in sports programs. The object of the game is to play the role of the athletes in different positions and score high in real cricket. It is hard to deny the fact that batting and bowling are two prominent roles that you can choose to play.However, each position is characterized by peculiar characteristics related to control.

Taking into consideration all of this, it can be said that the game isn't an easy one and that you will spend a lot of time learning how to develop your skills as you play. You will find that the experience of playing Real Cricket will be exciting and challenging for you.

In addition to regular updates, the developers of this app have always enhanced and improved the gameplay. At the beginning of every game, the camera soars into the stadium as it captures an aerial shot of the city. The toss-to-the-action replays look like TV broadcasts, and even so-called experts offer their opinions on the game at the start and midway through the game.

An overview of Real cricket APK's features

This high-quality realistic-cricket game comprises more than enough features to make it one of the best cricket games on the internet.

The Gameplay

Bowling isn't everyone's favorite part of mobile cricket games, but Real Cricket makes it a little less tedious with its technology. Despite each bowler type having only one generic action, there is a wide variety of bowlers with well-rendered actions. There are dozens of bowling delivery options. These include off-cutters, drifters, and flippers, and their animations are quite realistic. In addition to this, the bowling format of the game will keep you interested.Furthermore, the field and bowl can be customized accordingly. It is not easy to take wickets, but it is possible to cut the flow of runs and force batsmen to make mistakes.


Aside from the player's skill, the team's stats are also an important factor because they have a direct impact as well. The stats for the team come from the athletes in the game, and you can find many athletes in this game with impressive stats.However, nothing comes for free, as you will have to spend money to recruit these people, and in exchange for the money, you will have to participate in different matches.


As pointed out above, if you are not careful, your score can be completely lost at any moment, such as accidentally creating a scoring condition for the enemy by letting them hit the ball out of the playing area.The conclusion can be drawn that this isn't a completely simple but equally exciting way of playing that anyone desires to master. Therefore, in the Game of cricket, you will never be without matches to experience or practice. Before you start the game, you can view the difficulty panel in some modes.The game has five primary difficulty levels, which are Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, and Hardcore. In these matches, you can practice your skills. While you cannot ignore the opportunity to participate in various real cricket tournaments, you also cannot ignore the challenge. In addition to your friends or other players, you can play against them.


Real Cricket has its gameplay related to the sport of the same name, and you will have a chance to experience its mechanics. Real cricket apk features an actual stadium with realistic elements, and you can choose from a variety of environmental elements.Specifically, the match could take place from morning until evening, and with time, you will be able to predict if it might rain, which would also have a specific impact. The player will be totally focused on hitting the ball and throwing the ball; activities like catching the ball and running between the two positions will be handled automatically.Therefore, making accurate and legal throws or hits would be the best way to score points. However, if you are not careful, you can also create scoring opportunities for your opponent and create a big gap between the two teams.

In-Game Sounds & Commentary

The sound of the ball on the bat is so realistic that it feels a world-class timing it with the middle of the bat. The energetic crowds chirping and support give you a feel of being in the middle of a real cricket ground. Moreover, the commentary in Hindi and English language makes it easier to enjoy the game according to your choices.

Use of Modern Technology

The use of modern technology is common. You often see a replay, hotspot, ultra-edge and DRS technology on the cricket field. This game also includes modern cricket technology. You can challenge a suspicious decision made by the umpire via DRS. the number of DRS used is limited per innings a match. The DRS technology uses an ultra-edge or hotspot to confirm close calls for the edge. Moreover, the lbw decisions are confirmed with the help of hotspot and ball tracking.


The visuals and graphics are better than other cricket games, but still on the average side. The stadium looks like a cardboard cut-out with certain elements, such as the people. But we don't understand why the developer would add a prematch show where the presenters make some rather generic remarks. We recommend you to download Real Cricket APK from the play store of our site, install it by granting permissions and enjoy the amazing features.


Featuring realistic representations of your favourite cricket stars and stadiums, Real Cricket is an excellent game.This game will appeal to cricket fans most of all, so that game is the best choice to be downloaded and played.This game stands out from the others in terms of gameplay, Liquid flow, graphics and quality of cricket. We give it 10 out of 10.


Q. Does the Game have any premium features?

The game allows you to enjoy cricket online as well as offline for free but still, there are locked items that few of which can be unlocked with coins & XPs won by you and a few are only purchased with real money.

Q. Is real cricket offline or Online?

It is possible to play real cricket online as well as offline. In the offline version of the game, you are not able to play certain modes of the game, such as online multiplayer. If you want to play against your friends one-on-one, you will not be able to do so.


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