Score Hero Apk

Version v2.40
Android Version 6.0 and up
Category sport
Languages English
Developer First Touch Games Ltd.
75% (8 Ratings)



Score Hero is a sports category game based on the world's most popular sport ‘FootBall’.Football lovers are everywhere in the world as it is the largest sport in the world. This game features realistic visuals of all the real-life football heroes playing for their respective countries and different world-class football clubs.

People have a great craze regarding this sport but not everyone can go to the ground to enjoy watching or playing a game. This game is developed for football entertainment of football fans so that they could enjoy the unleashed football joy on their mobile screen.

This game offers a realistic football experience and gives immersive gameplay. 3D high-quality ultra graphics and visual gives a feeling of enjoying a live match being played on your mobile screen and you have all the controls of the match. Being a football game it offers all those specs and features that a football lover wants to enjoy.

This game will bring high-quality & realistic graphics and visuals, real-life football heroes, realistic football grounds, very competitive gameplay, an electric crowd behind players, realistic jersey design & colours, real-life country teams & clubs featured, all football shots, passing, dodging, powerful shots, amazing saves, tough defence, penalties, red & yellow cards, the option to reverse a short to give a second try, replays, real-time celebrations, realistic sound effects & crowd cheering, luxury to customize your game hero and many many more amazing specs and features to make it complete football entertainment for mobile users. 


It all starts with you selecting a hero, giving it a name and entering the entertainment world. You are initially given very simple tasks to shooting the ball to make a goal but as progress to different levels, the difficulty and complexity of the assignment go on to increase. As you proceed to tougher levels you are asked to perform multiple tasks that include passing, dodging, powerful shots, headers, cycle kicks, amazing defence by an opponent team, free kicks, penalty shootouts and all other football thrills and sensations.

Features of the Score Hero

This game is a complete football entertainment kit and encloses a plethora of stand-out features that ensure easy and complete football entertainment. Some of its ground-breaking specs and features are mentioned under.

Realistic 3D graphics & Real-Life Visuals

The most cherishing part that makes this game the best in the football gaming world is its quality graphics. Its breathtaking graphics of HD ultra quality with realistic visuals gives a feeling of control a live match with your fingertips on your mobile screen.

Real-Life Football Heroes

This game allows you to choose a player that is your real-life football hero. You can not just play this game featuring your real-life hero but also can customize your game character. You can unlock different accessories, favourite jersey numbers, different skin for your hero, shoes, and much more to customize and sharpen your game hero and his skills.

Country & Club Teams

Your hero plays for his country against other national teams as well as can feature in different popular football leagues of the world and can play from different clubs in these leagues.

Huge amount of Rounds & Competitions

This game does not restrict you to a single game mode rather it provides a variety of gameplay, you can go for plenty of shootouts, can sharpen your passing skills to break the opponent’s defence, can try your football strategies to plan a goal, can take part in different club & national teams competition and much more. There are above 800 different levels in different game modes to try and the numbers are still increasing with every update.

Real-Life Grounds

You won’t be getting bored of playing the game on the same ground rather this game gives you to try the field of the world's most iconic national and club football grounds.

Realistic & High-Quality Sound Effects

Sound effects are really compulsory for football or any other sports game. This game has crystal clear realistic sound effects including huge roars from spectators, the sound of kicking the ball, roaring celebrations of players, and thrill-creating commentary.


Get the football world at your fingertips with easy and pleasing controls of this game. It is just a simple swipe on your screen with your fingers to make all sorts of shorts. An indicating line appears in a direction where you swipe.

If you wanna make small passes then swipe to the vacant area or direct to your team player slowly. If you wanna make a long hit in the air then swipe it with power and swipe farther on your screen. The power and length of the swipe on your screen will determine the power behind your shots. 

Rewards & Coins

For winning a competition, clearing a level, or achieving a milestone, you are awarded in-game currency and coins that can be used to unlock different accessories for your player, to unlock different competition & game assets as well as to rewind the game during a match if you wanna retake a shot. You can also buy game lives with these coins & currency.

Useful Ads

This game contains ads that are very helpful for players. You can earn in-game currency, can retake a shot if you have executed it wrong on the first try or can get extra game lives by watching ads.

Download & Installation

To download this football game, tap on the download button below on this page to start downloading. Stay patient while the download proceeds as the file has a reasonable size and may take a few minutes if you are on a slow internet connection.

The download is followed by installation. Open the downloaded file from your download manager and tap on in install option to set up this game on your mobile. If you are asked to permit any unknown source installation then allow this permission from setting > security tab > unknown source and switch on this unknown source toggle.


If you are a gaming lover and seeking a football game to enjoy on your mobile then nothing is better than this Score Hero game. It comes with all the football entertainment, clubs, national teams, real-life heroes, and 3D realistic graphics, Realistic visuals, all sorts of football shorts, plenty of game modes, and all iconic national & club football grounds.

So what are you thinking about? just tap the download, grab the game and dive into unstoppable football entertainment now.


Q. Does Score Hero contain in-game purchases?

This game offers a huge amount of entertainment for free but still, there are in-app purchases to buy unlimited lives, customization assets, in-game currencies, different competitions and much more.

Q. Is Score Hero secure for my device?

Yes, this game is secure, verified by Google play protect and is trusted worldwide by millions of football lovers.


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