Xilften Apk

Version v1.0
Android Version Android 3.0+
Category Entertainment
Languages English / Russian
Developer Xilften
98.5% (535 Ratings)



Are you a fan of watching series and movies? Is your visual aid strong and you always prefer series over listening to something? Are you a binge watcher? If yes, then Xilften apk is the best app for you. You will thanks us later after downloading this app.

nowadays, people are more inclined towards watching series and movies rather than watching television therefore, most of the people are looking for cheap and free alternatives of Netflix. Xilften could be called as a great alternative of Netflix.

You can watch thousands and thousands of movies and series through this amazing app, all that for free, without spending even a single penny. Since, Xilfen is a free movie and series streaming app, therefore it is completely safe to use. Your data will be absolutely protected while using this app.

if you are sitting at any corner of the world, you can easily access it without any regional barriers. This app is only confined for the android users therefore, it can only be downloaded on android operating system. You can use this amazing app on any android device, be it your smart phones, tablets, laptops or android televisions. It supports every android medium.


Watch thousands of movies and series

This app is filled and bombarded with tons of movies and series. So, if you are free or having vacations and you want to relax your mind, you can simply watch any series or movie of any genre through this app.

Use it for free

Unlike other series or movie streaming apps, you do not have to buy any subscription or register yourself. You can simply use this app without even logging in. hence, this app is hassle free.

Daily updates

The best part about this app is that it comes with daily updates. This app updates itself daily and give its users new movies and series to watch.

Request your favorite show

If you could not find your favorite show and you want to watch it badly because all your Netflix friends have watched it already then, you can simply request the app to upload your favorite show.

A very light weight app

This app is not only free, but is very light on your device as well. It does not take much of your device’s space. Si if you are low on storage, you can still use this app as you do not need a huge space in your device to download this amazing app.

Supports every version of android

If your device has a relatively less version of android then, do not worry as it supports every version of android operating system hence making itself the first app to support every version of android.

An easy to use app

This app is extremely easy to use and you can easily surf through any of your favorite movie or series. All the series and movies are properly categorized into genres. So, if you are looking for a specific genre, you can check the list provided by the app and find your favorite series of your desired taste.

Easy to download

This app is very easy to download. You just have to follow some certain steps in order to download this amazing app.

Good quality videos

You will be provided with an amazing quality of video and image so you can have the best experience of visual aid while watching your favorite series or movies.

Originated from Brazil

This app has been primarily originated from Brazil, but you can access it from all around the world. It is not particularly specific for Brazilian people only.

Ad free

This app has relatively less apps than the rest of the series and movie streaming apps. So, you can easily enjoy your favorite movies and series without any disruption from the ads.


This app also provides you with worldwide ratings of series and movies making it easier for you to watch your desired show. So, hurry up and download this amazing and excellent app.


Q. Is Xilfen available on Google play store?

No, this app is not available on google play store. However you can download its apk version from any website.


Xilften ApkXilften Apk