Derbi Tv Apk

Version v3
Android Version Android 4.4+
Category News & Magazines
Languages English / Russian
Developer Ketch-UP Medya
98.48% (525 Ratings)



Are you one of those people who fight with their family members over a remote control? Do you and your siblings’ fights over their favorite shows or sports tournaments? If yes, then this app is perfect for you.

If you are a sports fanatic and your family mocks you for always watching sports then you should definitely give this app a try. This app is all about sports. You can watch your favorite sports tournaments through this app. not only you can watch your favorite sports shows, but you can also record them to watch it later.

If you are stuck in traffic or at some work and you want to catch up on your basketball or football tournament then, you can simply download this app and record live shows, so you can watch it in your leisure time.

This app gives its users amazing video and image quality which makes your experience of watching sports even better. Now, with this app, you will no longer get mocked by your family member nor you will fight with your siblings over a remote control. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and download this amazing sports app.


Super amazing quality

If you are watching your favorite show or sports tournaments, your biggest concern is always the quality. A good quality of video and image can make or break your visual aid experience. Therefore, this app comes with great quality image and video quality, making your experience of visual aid amazing.

Watch as many shows as you want to

There are some apps which has screen limitations or which allows its users a particular amount of shows to watch. Well, this app has no restrictions set for its users. Watching sports is a luxury and luxury should not come with any restrictions. Hence this app does not put any screen limitations on its users. You can watch as many sports tournaments as you want to.

Watch your favorite tournaments live

If you are waiting at a bus stand or you are travelling and you want to kill your boredom time then, you can watch any sports show through this app. This app provides you the facility to watch any tournament or match live and for free.

Simple app

This amazing app is very simple and easy to operate. You do not have to learn some new technicalities in order to use this app. It’s a simple and minimalistic app that comes with a very approachable interface. Each control comes with a label which makes it easier for the user to understand the app.

A protected app

Safety and quality have always been the biggest concern of a user. This app comes with 100% safety and protection. The data of a user will be genuinely protected by the app. This app is completely safe to use.


This app can be easily downloaded by anyone. Even though, it is not available on Google play store, but you can still download it from any website. It can be downloaded in its apk version from any safe website.

Discover the right link and get started

The main and most important part while downloading this app is to find the right link. There are many websites which are providing fake links to download this app and in return you get nothing but virus. Therefore, you need to carefully and meticulously select the link of this app and then download it.

A wide range of sports

This app has a wide range of matches and tournaments of basketball and football. Since this app only caters with football and basketball matches therefore, it covers a wide range of matches. You can find any match from any time through this app. This amazing app is a must download app for all the basketball and football lovers.


This app is completely free to download and use. So now you can enjoy your favorite basketball and football shows without spending even a single buck. How amazing is that? 


Q. Does Derbi TV has only football and basketball shows?

Yes, this app only caters with basketball and football shows, hence all the matches related to them.


Derbi Tv ApkDerbi Tv Apk