Derbi TV Apk

Version v3
Android Version Android 4.4+
Category News & Magazines
Languages English / Russian
Developer Mohamad Zidan
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If there is only one family tv in your house, then half of your time is spent fighting your siblings. It is fun to watch a family movie or show with all your family members. However, sometimes, it is annoying when people do not let you watch what you enjoy the most.

Your issue will be sorted relatively quickly because specialized apps give you access to your favorite entertainment medium. Derbi TV is one of the apps that will always have your back no matter what.

There are always people who mock you for watching too many sports. However, if you are passionate about something, then you might as well do what you love. Some people have a great passion for sports, but they are unable to fulfill it due to various reasons.

However, now with the Derbi tv app, you will not compromise on your passion. It is a football and basketball app through which you can watch either of your favorite sports. If you were stuck at work or university during your favorite match, then you can catch up as soon as you are free.


Well, quality is the first and foremost thing that keeps a person engaged in a particular thing. You may have come across a variety of applications, but not all of them are high-quality. Sometimes, people are ready to pay a significant amount of money if they have a great quality video.

Well, Derbi tv will not disappoint you in this matter because it has a full HD-quality display. You can watch your favorite match without compromising on quality. There is no limitation for screen time, and you can watch the game for however long your desire.


When you are an adult or a student, you have numerous responsibilities on your shoulders that you must fulfill. It is so annoying to miss a live match just because you can access your television at the current moment. However, Derbi TV will not let you miss out on any game.

This app also gives you the live streaming option to watch a live match on your phone. You can set up your phone in your work area and silently watch your favorite basketball and football, and football match. You can also connect this app to your tablet as well.

Easy to use

Some apps can make your head hurt because you are unable to understand how to use it. Well, Derbi tv is very considerate of its users, and it allows people to have easy access to all features. It has all of the buttons with labels so that a person understands each option.

There is also a scroll down menu bar, which helps you to select the option you love and want to scroll to. Overall, this app is phenomenal, and it has a lot of exciting features to help you enjoy your favorite sports. You can also bookmark a live stream to watch later.

Safe to use

Safety is the biggest concern of people when they are downloading a particular app on their phone. Derbi tv is very safe, and it is encrypted as well as seamless. It is end-to-end encrypted, which means you will not lose any of your personal information. 

As per the experience, people have not noticed any bug or interruption in their phones’ functionality. You can have a look at all the exciting matches and choose your pick. It is a super exciting and innovative concept to bring all games together.

Easy to download

We all love a game or an app that is not a hassle to download. The Derbi tv app is the smoothest to download, and you will not have to waste a lot of effort to get started with the app. You can go to Google and type in the app’s name; the first mission is to find the downloadable link. Once you find the link, you need to alter your phone settings and start the download.


Q. Is the Derbi TV app only a sports app?

Yes, the Derbi tv app is only a sports app that allows you to watch basketball and football matches.


Derbi TV ApkDerbi TV ApkDerbi TV Apk