Easyshare Apk

Version v5.9.11.4_Lite
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Tools and system
Languages English
Developer Vivo Communication Technology Co. Ltd
99.04% (520 Ratings)




If you're looking for an application through which you can transfer your files and data without any security restrictions then your weight is over now. Download easy share APK and share files from one phone to another without any problem. Easy share APK was created by Vivo communication technology Co.Ltd. there are many sharing applications available on different sides but most of them require good internet connection otherwise you cannot transfer files easily.

Easy share APK is totally different from other sharing apps because it does not require any internet connection. That means users can transfer files even when they do not have good internet speed. You can use Bluetooth to share files. This application can transfer your files within seconds and that is why it is the most popular sharing app on the internet. Only this application has a five star rating which proves there is no other application better than easy APK.

What is meant by easy share apk

On this app, you can share anything at a faster speed. This app gives a fast speed up to 40 Mbps. Don't be worried about if you have bad internet access because you can share anything on this app without internet connection. Most amazing thing is that the user will not face ads problems because it has an ads free interface. From photos to videos and from videos to documents, you can share anything quickly.

This application gives free services all over the world that means users can enjoy the free UI of this app anytime they want. There is no lag and Glitch in this app and you can transfer files at ultrafast speed. If you have changed your cell phone and now it's time to transfer data then must use easy share apk. On this app, you can share everything from one device to another in a few minutes. Below are the key features of this app.

What are the features of easy share apk

Share anything

This application is very convenient because it gives a variety of features. Users can share files without any problem. On this app, it is very easy to share data from this platform, just a few simple steps are required.

Fast speed

Whatever the size of the file is, you can transfer audio, videos, apks and any of your documents at the fastest speed. Only this app has the ability to share files quickly and safely.

No internet connection required

Most of the sharing apps demand a high speed of the internet otherwise it may take hours to send files. People are shifting their devices on easy share apk because on this app, you can send small and big files without internet access.

No ads interruption

Many users dislike applications just because of constant interruption by ads. This application is popular because it does not contain any ads. That means you can enjoy this app peacefully without any disturbance.

Send big files

If you want to share big files then you can use this app because there is no file size limitation in easy share APK. With this, you can also share movies in just a few minutes.

Support multiple softwares

This application supports different devices like Android, iOS, Mac and many others.

What's new in easy share apk

Fixed bugs

Developers have recently updated this application in which all known bugs have been fixed. The new updates have made the app more reliable for us.

Free to download

If you cannot afford expensive sharing apps then don't worry because now you have easy access to this app. You can download this application from our website without spending a single penny on it.

Secure and convenient

This application is 100% secure for everyone because it follows high security measurements. All your data that you are receiving and sending will be completely safe in this app.

Why get easy share apk

If you want to share files on high speed without any limitations then there is no better app then easy share APK. Its application has powerful transferring tools which lets you transfer anything safely.


It is a great application that has multiple benefits for everyone who wants a safe sharing platform.On this platform, users can share different kinds of files and documents without any disturbance. You can enjoy premium transferring tools of this app for free of cost.


Q. Are ads available in easy share APK?

If you don't want disturbance while sharing your data from one device to another then you are lucky because in this app there will be no ads. Users can definitely send and receive files without any interruptions.

Q. Does easy share APK support multiple file formats?

Yes of course you can share and receive multiple file formats like MP3, MP4, apks etc.


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