Crafting And Building

Version v8.11.1.15
Android Version Android 4.1
Category Adventures
Languages English / Russian
Developer GeneDe
96.15% (650 Ratings)



Crafting and Building is an adventure and simulation game letting the players build whatever they want. This game enables the player to build their imaginary constructions and build in a real virtual setting.

This game provides the players with a platform to construct their houses in a castle or in a mine that can be decorated with companions' furniture and allows the players to adopt pets such as dogs, mice or even a horse as a pet. This game does not have any monsters or horrific creatures involved while designing or constructing houses.

This game has a feature of exploration on the enormous map where they can visit the open world and build their house with their friends. Or can easily compare who has got the biggest constructions in their area with the multiplayer features to play easily with friends over the internet.

Hen this game features a huge range of blocks that includes many square sorts that include the grass squares, precious stone squares as well as sanctuary stone squares to be used in the houses and to build the best realm that a person can imagine.

Moreover, it is a free game and has cool pixel graphics with an addition of customization of character and their skin as well as an opportunity to live with villagers in the game and to meet the neighbors in a friendly setting in the game.


Q. What is Crafting and Building?

This is a free mobile innovative game where the players can play with pets, start their own constructions or play in multiplayer mode and is a development of Mmarcel that enables the player to build houses, towers as well as other massive structures and buildings within the game in high quality graphics.

Q. How to install this game?

To install this game there are few simple steps that the user has to follow. They can either directly download it from the Google play store or can go to the website and click on download the game then wait for the file to download then install the game from the apk file available in their downloads and after following the steps they can complete the installation and start crafting.

Q. How to eat in this game?

The player has to go on the far right corner of their hot bar that is available at the bottom of the screen. The player has to tap on the Crafting tab at the left side of the screen located above the tab at the bottom left corner, there they have to tap on the wooden crate icon and generate food there.

Q. Why is Crafting and Building not on Google play store?

This game is available to download and play from the Google play store. All the player has to do is go to the Google play store, search for the game and easily access it by installing it directly from the Google play store and can start playing in a single go. 


Crafting And BuildingCrafting And BuildingCrafting And BuildingCrafting And BuildingCrafting And BuildingCrafting And Building