Trainz Simulator Mod Apk

Version v1.3.7.9
Android Version 8.0 and up
Category Casual
Languages English
Developer N3V Games PTY LTD
98.69% (535 Ratings)



Simulation games are very trending nowadays. Among these trending simulation games are train simulation games in which you can ride your train, control the whole train station system and enjoy beautiful sceneries on the railway track. Trainz simulator mod apk is a simulation game which has many features to enjoy.

This game provides highly immersive gameplay for its users. The scenery, graphics and sound effects are realistic and up to the mark. You can take control of your favorite train and do various customisations. There are different areas where you run your train. Get this trainz simulator and enjoy the training experience.

What is meant by the Trainz Simulator Mod APK?

The Mod version of the Train Simulator APK has extra features which allows the users to enjoy the extra features. This train simulator has many trains but in the original version there are many locked features. This modified version has a great and diverse variety of trains. Also the simulation options include a lot of features. There are levels and railway track areas which are in variety to choose from, so you will not get bored by playing a single gameplay every time. You can bring changes in your game.

What are the best features of Trainz Simulator Mod APK?

Realistic gaming

For any simulation or driving game, realistic experience is very important. Trainz simulator mod shows the important realistic feature of this game. You can get a real vibe and experience by riding a train and controlling the whole railway station. This provides you with unique graphics, sounds and easy controls.

Challenging scenarios

Challenges make you a perfect player and challenges make the game an interesting train simulator game. This Trainz simulator Mod APK is a railway track game in which you will get a lot of challenges on the railway track. Sometimes the railway track is broken and you have to be very skillful to go through them.

Sounds and graphics

The graphics and sound effects are really impressive. They delve you into the exciting sceneries and graphics. There are train engine sounds which give a real feel with this game. These are interesting and sure to try.

Diversity of trains

There are many different trains for different journeys and areas. These trains differ in their engines for difficult roads and long journeys. There are powerful trains so you will get the diversity of trains in this simulation game and also there are customisations in changing color, engine and designs.

Realistic physics

While you handle or control your train, there are many dynamics rules which are related to physics. There is realistic physics such as friction, acceleration, speed and dynamic position of your train. So that your journey can be smooth and beneficial.

Regular updates and challenges

You can get all of the daily challenges, missions and regular updates for your games. This game always stays updated about all the new features, so make sure to update it and keep a check as it gives you various rewards.

Control the station

Control the train station on your own and make a business. Control the passengers, make sure to correct the ticket system and punctuality.

What's new in Trainz simulator Mod APK?

New trains

There are unlimited, unlocked and free trains in the new mode version; these are for different journeys and challenges.

New challenges

It also includes new missions and challenges which ensures the interest of players.

Premium options

Trainz Simulator Mod APK has premium options which includes unlocked and premium features without any purchases.

No promotions

It has no inbuilt promotions and advertisements. It has removed the ads that can cause interference.

Why get the Trainz Simulator Mod APK?

If you want to experience train riding and railway station experience, get this game for a real life experience. You will control your own railway station and run different trains according to the challenges that control the whole system, so it's a good option to play. It has interesting features like train station management, covering challenges and riding the train to give transport to the people.


If you are getting bored right now and you have nothing to do and you want to play something productive, then Trainz Simulator Mod APK is freely available on Google. Download this game and be the owner of your own train station. Ride the train with various challenges including weather challenges, track challenges and many others like time management. Manage everything according to you and pass your time effectively.


Q. Is Trainz Simulator Mod compatible with iOS?

Yes it is easily available and compatible with android and iOS systems of all types.

Q. How to get a free bonus in Trainz Simulator APK?

Download the free mod version to get unlimited bonus and rewards. Additionally, there are customization features for free.


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