SimplePlanes Apk

Version v1.12.128
Android Version 4.0.3 and up
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Languages English
Developer Jundroo, LLC
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Flying in the skies has been a dream superpower for every human being, and this dream inspired humans to create flying machines which ultimately ended in modern Aeroplanes, and the modernization in this field is progressing with each day. Though flying in the air is not a curiosity stint, everyone will love to know how do planes work in which we fly? If you are curious about planes and want to know how they are built and what is their working mechanism then you are going to fall in love with this game.

SimplePlanes Apk is a game in which you build planes from various available parts. You can create a plane from parts by following the blueprints and instructions given by the game for its construction or you can even create a one with powers of your imagination and knowledge without any blueprint or instruction.

Basic Theme of The Game

This game is amazing fun and enhances your knowledge about planes and their methodology of working. In the gameplay, the player has to construct his own planes with parts. The initial mission is to search different parts. Once you have a variety of parts, go on to construct the plane with the help of instructions & blueprints provided by the game. You can create a unique design with your creative imagination. Make sure that your designed plane through your imaginary knowledge does make a flight too, otherwise, it will be nothing more than imaginary scrap stuff.

Key Features of The Game

This game let you know about the basic parts of airplanes, different jets, aircraft, etc. you will get to know about the dynamics and flying methodology rules of planes in various designs and models. As it is not possible to cover all the methodology and physics rules involved in the flight of a plane, it is also very difficult to write down all the features of the game in this single stint by me. But I’ll love to share some of its basic and exciting features with you guys.

Knowledge Increasing Gameplay

The basic theme of the game revolves around the construction, methodology of working, and flight control of planes. So if you are a youngster and have a desire to be a pilot or an engineer in the field of flying technologies then this will make your basics very strong

Through this game, you can learn a lot about planes. One can get knowledge about the basics parts of planes, their names, various designs & models, their construction basics, working methodology, rules involved in the flight of planes, and basic control of flying a plane. So download this game to increase your knowledge & craze about planes if are a plane enthusiast.

Construct Your Own Plane

This game allows you to construct your own planes in various sizes, categories, & designs. It does not just make you familiar with basic plane constructing rules but you also get to know about various parts, their names & functionality, and all the tools & accessories used in this construction process.

Show the world how creative you are, by making changes in design and blueprints provided by the game to build a plane. You can bring your innovations by making minor or major changes in the designs of planes or even can create your own dream plane without following any blueprint or design model. So just grab this amazing app and get going.

Variety in Parts of Planes

Your plane construction is not restricted by any means. So give it as much uniqueness as you can. This game gives you a vast variety of each parts to choose from. Feel free in selecting the color size, or design of the plane. You can use wheels, engines, shock absorbers, and other parts of various sizes, colors, and qualities in the plane that you are constructing.

So with this game create your dream plane now by using awesome designs & a vast variety of parts availed by the game.

Enjoy The Flight On Your Self-constructed Plane

Once you have completed the construction of your dream plane, go on to explore the skies on your test ride on the newly built plane. But make sure all the parameters and calculations are in check. Because any technical issue or parameter problem can lead the plane to real damage or even result in a plane crash.

Realistic Flight Experience

This game involves the basic rules of physics & dynamics in both constructing  & flying the plane to give a realistic & immersed experience. So keep all the calculations in check whether it is the distribution of weight on both sides, lift drag, and all the parameters compulsory for flight. So act like an original pilot and plane constructor who check all the parameters before taking off the plane.

Moreover, the damage system for planes is also very close to real. The gamer must be aware of emergency tackles and should be ready for any type of emergency situation in which the plane may get damaged and he could be ended.

Explore Dozen Of Maps

make a round around the globe with a dozen of maps to explore. Maintain your flight at a fair altitude to enjoy the characteristic nature beauty of various regions below you. So this game not just gives you a flying joy but also refreshes & relaxes your mind with natural beauty.

Show The World Your Designed Models

As this game is a platform for people who are curious about planes, the game developers also gave an option to its users to exhibit their created designs and models. So create such unique designs and models that could make the world wonder and insist them praise your models and designs.

Games Graphics

High-quality 3D graphics are the demand of each gamer these days. So these games also kept this fact in check and brought to you the exciting game play in high definition 3D graphics so that users could enjoy the immersive experience of exploring the open skies.

Sound Effects

Blow of wind sounding at a high pitch, Gigantic roars of engines with multi-dimensional sound effects. Are you on a real plane? No buddy, it's the sound quality of SimplePlanes Apk which gives a close experience of being on a real plane.

Moreover, you can enjoy and be relaxed with the latest soundtracks while your flight to explore the skies.

Download & Install

This game is verified by the play store of Google and is secure to download. Moreover you don’t have to pay for it. So feel free and cent percent secure to download it from here. The download is followed by the installation process which is the same as you do for most of the apps. You just need to allow the installation from the setting and proceed with the process by just opening the downloaded file and clicking on install.


One can conclude this as the best introductory and trainy package for a plane lover who loves to construct a plane, fly a plane, and acquire knowledge about planes, their working methodology, flying rules, and tools used in their construction. So download this amazing plane simulator game and go on to construct your dream plane by yourself and enjoy your flight of life to explore the skies.


Q. Is this game secure?

Yes, this game comes with a 100% surety of security as google play protect has verified its security.

Q. Is this game free of cost?

This game with all its features and & services comes to you absolutely free.


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