Pubg Mobile Apk

Version v1.3.0
Android Version 4.3 & Exceeding
Category Action
Languages English / Turkish
Developer Tencent Games
85.37% (909 Ratings)



Pubg mobile is an action game that was released in 2018. It was published by the Tencent Games already known for many other amazing games. PUBG mobile stands for Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds Mobile. This game is specifically been developed for people who want to have their hands onto the action packed hd quality games on their smartphones.

PUBG has an exciting gameplay comprises of multiple battlegrounds players can enjoy. It has the classic mode that has 5 maps Erangle, Livik, Sanhok, Miramar and Vikendi. Other than these it has got several missions and more maps. This game is an all new sensation and this is the reason behind its fame.

Pubg can be played with four players in a squad or with random players from around the world. Gameplay of this game includes matches that are played in a group of 4, pair of two or individually. Players after being matched are landed on the marked location on their desired maps in classic mode.

The mission is to be alive till end of the game and to kill the enemies the one who kills all the enemies get chicken dinner as a reward and the ranks get elevated. There are many seasons that are introduced in PUBG from to time that includes various missions as well as daily rewards.

There are multiple things that PUBG requires real currency for . However, playing and downloading this game is all free of costs. Pubg APK has been created to meet the requirements that are demanded to fulfilled by many gamers that prefer to play this thrilling game.

These include the fixations that are sometimes needed to be done to improve quality. Glitches that may occur while playing the game or while communicating through it with your squad. Pubg APK requires less storage and provides every aspect for free. It also has multiple ways in which it makes it easier to earn the chicken dinner.


It has got limitless UC required achievements that you can unlock for free without real money.

Pubg APK is an improvised file to download and win the game more easily.

It serves with chicken dinner after killing maximum enemies.

Aiming has become more easier as you can easily aim into the bots and get more kills.

Pubg APK has got many facilitating features one of which is limitless rewards.

With multiple smart hacks this Apk provides with one can easily trace the enemies.

In this APK the players will find many real PUBG weapons to kill their enemies.

This apk file does not require rooting of your device to get downloaded.

Make use of unlimited medical kits served by this apk.      


Click the link on this website to download the APK file.

Allow the device to accept this download from an unknown source if required.

Save the downloaded APK in any other folder of your device as per preference.


Activate the unknown source option.

Download the PUBG APK from the link on this website.

Store the downloaded APK in your device.

Install the saved PUBG APK.

Open the game and login.

Match your squad and start aiming.


Pubg Mobile Apk is a much cherished game by gamers of all ages. It has even become a source of income for many who participate in competition or make its live stream videos. Pubg APK provides with a console gaming experience. Pubg has some restrictions regarding getting some skins and other achievements that are unlocked only with real money. Pubg APK has resolved this issue by providing everything for free and free of confinements.


Q. What is PUBG APK?

Pubg APK is the modified version of the original game. It has got some fixes done to it and has got some unlimited features that are not available for free in the original one.

Q. Is PUBG APK online?

Pubg APK is an online game and cannot function being offline.


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