Subway Surfers Apk

Version v2.83.20
Android Version 4.1 & Above
Category Action
Languages English / Turkish
Developer SYBO Games
82.68% (976 Ratings)



Subway Surfer is an unlimited free running game. It was released in 2012. Through using the Unity Engine this game is available for all platforms.

Subway Surfers belong to the genre of racing, thrilling and limitless running games. It is based upon the gameplay that includes a guard that is chasing the character that players are going to play a part of.

This guard is chasing the character for doing graffiti on the wall. The goal is to run on the tracks and collect coins to gear up the score. There are other things too like magnets, skateboards, and many others to make characters run faster and collect more coins.

Players have to make sure that their character does not get bashed into anything it should run continuously while dodging the objects like trains and other things in between to cause hurdle and extend the thrill and adventure of the game. 

Any crash into the hurdles will occur in the failure of the mission and the scores will be recorded to appear on the leaderboard. Moreover, in Subway there different rewards and achievements that are provided for indifferent actions performed during the game.

Connection with Facebook results in more game points and exciting gifts. With its captivating graphics and other spectacular features, Subway surfer has always ruled over the hearts of gamers.

Subway SurferAPK has brought a new sensation into the pre-existing features. It has improved the functionality as well as has added new features to accommodate the players. With the APK version, it has been made possible to be into the game for a longer time without being continuously bumped into the hurdles.

Apk is a modified version of any application and it is being created to facilitate the users and to make changes as per the requirements of the users.  Subway Surfers APK has also been created to meet the player’s desires for free.


Coins are the essentials and with the continuously exceeding speed, it gets difficult to collect them. Hence, Subway Surfer APK serves with free limitless coins.

Keys are the only source to stick around in the game for long. Therefore grab them for free of cost with Subway Surfer APK.

This APK is accumulated with multiple new locations like Seattle.

It does not ask to root your device before installation.

Andy an all-new character has been added to the characters list you can choose the character of your choice from.

Unlock new massive hunt prizes and more unlimited achievements.


It is much easier to download Subway Surfer APK on any smartphone. Note that the unknown source option is enabled and then proceed further with these steps mentioned below.

Tap the link presented by this website for downloading Subway Surfer APK.

Download the Subway Surfer APK on your phone.

Reserve the downloaded file in any folder on your phone.


Grant permission to get the file downloaded onto your phone.

Store the downloaded file on your smartphone.

Install the retained file.

Open the game and connect it with Facebook.

Tap the play button and start running.


Subway Surfer is a free running game that has been popular since it was developed. Millions of people have downloaded and played this game. Subway Surfer yet has some features that needed a touch of modification. Hence, Subway Surfer APK has been created to make it possible to score more. It has such features to elevate the player’s score and make them leaders in the leaderboard among other players from across the world.


Q. Can you play Subway Surfers offline?

Subway Surfers can be played without WiFi. However, to unlock some achievements and to see your rank on the scoreboard you will need an internet connection.

Q. Can you play Subway Surfer for free?

This game can be downloaded and played for free. There are some in-game purchases that require real money.


Subway Surfers ApkSubway Surfers ApkSubway Surfers Apk