Dolphin Emulator Apk

Version v5.0-20347
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Arcade
Languages English
Developer Dolphin Emulator
98.11% (530 Ratings)



Consoles games are very popular because they gives smooth and realistic gameplay. But because of high prices, not all of us are able to purchase these games but don't worry because now we have found an amazing emulator for you. This emulator is called Dolphin emulator apk. It is a standard version in which you will enjoy many incredible features for free.

This emulator is safe and reliable because it gets monthly updates. These monthly updates keeps the working of emulator safe and smooth. Now if you are a gamer and love to play console games then you can surely download this emulator because it supports android and IOS devices. It is great emulator that allows you to play console games on your smartphones.

What is meant by dolphin emulator apk

Gamers always prefer to play console games because such types of games have smooth gameplay and features. If you are one of them then you don't need money to buy consoles for better experience but you can download this emulator and play games for free. Once you download this emulator, then you can play all your favourite games on it without any hassle.

This emulator is beyond the need of DS and GBA which is good. On this emulator, gamers can play high quality games without spending their money because it gives free access on all the gaming features. If you really want to get rid of various gaming emulator then simply download Dolphin emulator apk and enjoy your games on it.

What are the features of dolphin emulator apk

Play nitendo games

If you are a fan of nitendo games then this emulator is designed especially for you. On this emulator, you can run your favourite nitendo games for free.

Easy to use

Unlike other emulator, dolphin emulator apk has

No compromise no graphics

This emulator give 100% graphic quality. If you still aren't satisfy then you can use the graphic feature of this app in which you can increase the quality of your games graphics.

Play popular games

There are many popular games which can play on this emulator. If you are a fan of Donkey Kong, Mario, snowbros and Pokémon then you must download this emulator.

Setting customisationz

On this emulator, gamers can also customise the settings. For instance, you can customise the graphics settings, control system and also change the resolution.

What's new in dolphin emulator apk

Dual core feature

It is a commendable feature of this emulator. This feature will improve the performance of your games but only those can enjoy this feature who have modern cell phones.

Everything is free

Mostly emulator demands money for full access but luckily all the features of this application is completely free. Users can download this app for free and also the interface is free so you can enjoy free access.

No glitches

There are many emulator on internet that does not give high quality performance and if you are also tired of these emulator then you need to uninstall them and Download dolphin emulator apk. This emulator has update recently. The latest update has improved the interface and now you will not face glitches while playing games.

Why get dolphin emulator apk

It is completely fine if you don't have money to buy handhold console games because not everybody can afford it. But now with Dolphin emulator apk, you can play console games without spending a single penny on this app. It is one of the most popular and wonderful emulator that has all the features you want. So let's install this emulator and enjoy games on your android devices.

Method of downloading dolphin emulator apk

If you want to download this app then follow the instructions.

  1. First of all, you will open the chrome where you will type the name of this emulator in search engine.
  2. Open our website and then click on the download option.
  3. After downloading the file, go to your device's storage and then install this app.

After installation, you will be able to play games on this emulator.


Dolphin emulator apk have a clean and simple interface. Only 14mbs are required for the installation of this emulator. If you play games on this emulator, then all your game data will be saved on the servers so you will never lose the game progress. It is a free to use emulator so alteast give it a try.


Q. Does Dolphin emulator apk comes with a premium version?

No! This emulator has no in-app purchases which means that users can download and use this emulator's features for free.

Q. Are ads available in dolphin emulator apk?

No! In emulators, ads are not available and that's why this emulator is also ads free.


Dolphin Emulator ApkDolphin Emulator ApkDolphin Emulator ApkDolphin Emulator ApkDolphin Emulator Apk