Rummy Gold Apk

Version v6.23
Android Version https://file.apksim.com/games/rummy-gold-apk-v1.0-apksim.com.apk
Category Casual
Languages English
Developer Moonfrog
98.47% (524 Ratings)




Rummy is a popular card game which you can now install on your Android devices. There are many rummy games on the play store and internet, but today we are going to discuss India's best rummy game that is called rummy gold APK. It is a popular 13 card rummy game that was developed by Moonfrog. This game contains ads and also in which purchases are available but it gives the best and most amazing experience to all its players.

In this game you can add your friends and family members with whom you can play different rummy tournaments. It is an online God game so you need an internet connection to play rummy gold APK. If you are a beginner at this game then you will get millions of coins for free.

What is meant by rummy gold APK

This game has many features which you will never get in other rummy games. There are no restrictions on adding friends which means that you can add uncountable friends on this game. There are different modes in this game. If you haven't downloaded this application then install it right now and get 2 lac free chips.

This offer is only for those who are new to this game. If you don't want to play with friends then you can also find random players to play this game. This game has cool gameplay that comes with the realistic 3D graphics. In case you don't know the rules of this game then don't worry because tutorials are also available for the beginners.

What are the features of rummy gold APK

Win games earn points

Chips aur essential key of this game and you can win chips within the games. You can also buy chips with real money. This game can also be played on 2G or 3G internet.

Online card game

It is an online card game, where you can play 13 card rummy game with your friends and with online players

Chat with friends

This game is full of exciting features and chat is one of the most demanding features. In this game, you cannot only play rummy cards with your friends and family but you can also chat with them and send them stickers too.

Free reward

This game always comes with the great deals which you can avail to buy more chips. But if you are new to this game then you will get 2 million chips for free as a welcome reward.

Free to play

Players can play this game for free. In short all the features and modes of this game are free except the premium version.

What's new in rummy gold APK

Bugs free

Some players complained about the bugs. All the budget minor issues have been resolved and the user interface of this game is more improved now.

New languages

As we told you before that you can also play this game in your own language now the good thing is that the latest update has brought many new languages to this game. People from all over the world can download this game and play it in their own languages.

Premium features

In this game there are some premium features and these are the new ones. These features make the game more incredible but you need to spend some money to get access on them.

Why get rummy gold APK

There are millions of people around the world who love card games but not all card games have the same rules like the original games. But now you have rummy gold APK which has the same rules like the original game. Play and win games in order to earn millions of chips. If you have great skills then download this game and show your skills to the world. 

Method of downloading rummy called APK

On Google, search "Rummy Gold Apk" and then open our website. When you open the website, you will get the link. Download the link and then from your file manager, you will install this game. Don't forget to grant required permissions.



If you cannot clearly understand the Hindi language then don't worry because this game is available in more than 5 different languages. It is the best game which you can play with your friends and family members. When these games and earn chips.


Q. Can I also send stickers to my friends on a rummy gold APK?

Yes there are cute animations which you can send to your friends and you can also chat with them in inbox.

Q. Can I earn real cash by winning the games in rummy gold APK?

No, this game is not associated with real cash which means that you can't win real money by playing this game. The only money you will get is the game money.


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