Angry Birds Mod Apk

Version v8.0.3
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Arcade
Languages English
Developer Jasper Studio
98.86% (527 Ratings)



Angry Birds Mod APK is a slingshot game where you use different types and colors of birds as ammo to knock down green pigs. The pigs are hiding in different types of structures. You need to figure them out by launching the birds, so they hit the pigs and bring down their hiding spots.

It's a game that uses physics rules and phenomena that is how things move and collide, it teaches you attention and focus, to make it challenging and fun. The goal is to get rid of all the pigs. It is similar to the angry bird series. It involves a lot of levels and people are crazy about this game genre. There are also many different versions like Angry Bird 2, Angry Bird 3 etc.

What is meant by Angry Birds Mod APK?

Angry Bird Mod APK is a game through which every person is familiar. This game involves a lot of different colorful Birds. These are known as the Angry Birds. You also have watched many different movies, series and cartoons of Angry Birds. This game is similar to that where you have to play with the birds like ammo. Find out all the hidden pigs and shoot them with the help of different Birds available.

What are the best features of Angry Birds Mod APK?

Attractive gameplay

Angry Birds Mod APK is well known because of its attractive and enchanting gameplay. This game involves slingshots where you use different types of Angry Birds to let down all the hidden pigs and structures. This improves your focus, attention,and slingshot abilities, because it is just like to play like an ammo or arrow and bow.

Challenging yet simple

In this game you just have to use your focused and slingshots skills to shoot the pigs. You used different Birds according to the need. This is a simple and immersive gameplay but yet it is challenging in such a way that you have to swipe in a long way to shoot the heighted pigs.

Bird characters

This game has all the characters which are birds. These birds are used for different purposes such as the red bird is used as a basic one who is just for shooting , while the yellow bird is used for increasing the speed, black bird causes significant damage to the structures and territory of pigs. So you see that all the birds have specific roles.

Diversity of levels

Angry Birds Mod APK is a game which has a great diversity of levels according to the challenges. Players move to the next level to complete the previous one successfully. As they progress, the levels become difficult.

Boss levels

Boss levels are also known as the hard or tough levels. These levels in Angry Birds Mod APK give you huge pigs and opponents structures through which you have to fight. These levels are comparatively more difficult than the other and require more tricky skills and use of specific birds.

Antagonist Pigs

Pigs are the opponents, antagonists or fighting characters in this game. Use different types of birds to eliminate all the pigs territory here. There are different varieties of pigs as the levels proceed.

Themes and environment

There are multiple themes in Angry Birds Mod APK. These are from simple to complex. It involves many complex environments and themes where you have to fight with the pigs.

What's new in Angry Birds Mod APK?

New unlocked birds

There is no need to unlock the birds with money; these are already free and unlocked in the mod version.

New quests

Various new missions and quests are available to earn many rewards. These are daily updates.

Premium features

Among the premium features of Angry Birds Mod APK, there are new birds, themes, levels etc.

Gems and loves

Unlimited gems available to unlock your favorite birds, themes and features of Angry Bird game. There are many free lives to continue the game even if you lose the chance.

Why get Angry Birds Mod APK?

Angry Birds Mod APK provides you everything fantastic and enchanting from the graphics to the game play. It is not only beneficial to kill your free time but it also teaches you focus and attention as you use different birds to shoot. So definitely it's a must try. There are many different series, movies and cartoons made in this genre. Try everything in the game now.


Getting bored? Download Angry Birds Mod APK and kill your time in a beneficial way. Learn to focus and slingshot.Kill all the pigs by using your favorite angry birds.


Q. Is Angry Birds Mod APK multiplayer?

Angry Bird is basically a single player game but in different hacked versions, multiplayer mode is available.

Q. How to get angry birds on pc?

Simply download the PC or Windows compatible version of Angry Birds, it is easily available.


Angry Birds Mod ApkAngry Birds Mod ApkAngry Birds Mod Apk